The objective of our study is to utilize patient self-report experiences in online healthcare forums to identify factors affecting patient discontinuation behavior of antidepressant medications in patients with depression. Our findings show that patients' attitudes towards antidepressants and perceived effectiveness of antidepressants are two major factors affecting drug discontinuation in patients with depression. The findings may help clinicians tailor interventions to improve patients’ perceptions of their medications and consequently improve adherence to the antidepressants.

Learning Objective: 1) Identify factors affecting patient discontinuation behavior of antidepressants in patients with depression.
2) Demonstrate the implications of dataset produced in this study to identify segment of patients posts with mentions of adverse drug reaction, drug effectiveness, and withdrawal symptoms.


Maryam Zolnoori (Presenter)
Mayo Clinic

Che Ngufor, Mayo Clinic
Anthony Faiola, University of Illinois at Chicago
Christina Eldredge, University of South Florida
Jake Luo, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sunghwan Sohn, Mayo Clinic
Joyce Balls-Berry, Mayo Clinic
Ahmad Tafti, Mayo Clinic
Nilay D. Shah, Mayo Clinic
Timothy Patrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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