Genomic medicine has created an urgent need for scalable genomic education. One promising approach is self-guided learning platforms. Understanding how these platforms are used is critical to guide their effective development and implementation. This study contributes a log-based method to study user engagement with online genomic educational videos among participants in a genomic screening study. We collected baseline demographics, logged participant usage and compared pre- and post-education genomic knowledge. Participants (N=390) who chose website access differed from those who declined access (N=81) and were more likely to be non-Latino, English speaking, younger, and have higher educational attainment. Only 45% who accessed the website viewed at least one video. The average video exposure time was 12 minutes. Longer exposure was not associated with an improvement in the user’s genomic knowledge. Our study and future studies of user analytics should be used to guide the development of effective, scalable genomic education methods.

Learning Objective: Apply log-based method for tracking user interaction with online educational videos.
Describe an analytical method for understanding the usage of online genomic educational materials.


Julia Wynn (Presenter)
Columbia University Medical Center

Wei Wei, Columbia University Medical Center
Xinhang Li, Columbia University Medical Center
Yat S. So, Columbia University Medical Center
Suzanne Bakken, Columbia University Medical Center
Chunhua Weng, Columbia University Medical Center
Wendy Chung, Columbia University Medical Center

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