The rapidly maturing fields of translational science and implementation science have recognized the multidimensional nature of health outcomes, and assembled multidisciplinary scientific teams to address them. Furthermore, team science researchers have proposed several methods to improve the ability of such teams to integrate diverse disciplinary knowledge, with the goal of generating novel insights that transcend disciplinary boundaries. However, current informatics tools are mostly targeted to individual researchers working with a few dimensions of health outcomes such as genes or EHR data. This panel poses the question: Could the fields of translational science and implementation science benefit by a new class of informatics tools that are team-centered?

To address this question, this panel brings together researchers from human-computer interaction, machine learning, causal modeling, hospital administration, and nursing to explore two challenge questions: (1) is team-centered informatics old wine in new bottles? (2) does team-centered informatics provide low bang for the buck? The attendees will be asked if they agree or disagree with the conclusions of each panelist, with the goal of generating an animated discussion. The panel discussion should benefit researchers engaged in translational and implementation science, in addition to program managers from funding agencies aimed at supporting team science.

Learning Objective: 1. Understand the motivation for the concept of team-centered informatics.
2. Comprehend the pros and cons of team-centered informatics to accelerate discoveries in multidisciplinary scientific teams.
3. Learn how translational scientists and implementation scientists are using team-centered informatics in their research.


Suresh Bhavnani (Presenter)

Shyam Visweswaran (Presenter)
University of Pittsbugrh

Erich Kummerfeld (Presenter)
University of Minnesota

Carlos Clark (Presenter)
University of Texas Medical Branch

Rebekah Penton (Presenter)
University of Texas Medical Branch

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