Draft regulations following from the 21st Century Cures Act mandates the use of FHIR as a universal format for clinical data and the SMART API as a universal app launch standard. This creates a form of interoperability known as substitutability—an app can be added or deleted from the electronic medical record as easily as it can from a smartphone. It also enables the apps to be reusable—an app written once can run anywhere in the healthcare system. This panel brings together leaders representing public API development, the government agency spearheading health IT interoperability, the two largest EHR vendors, as well as relatively new entrants into the space—major cloud services companies. This interactive discussion will engage the audience in exploration of barriers to and opportunities for creating a burgeoning health apps economy, one that accelerates the translation of innovation to care, well established in provider workflows.

Learning Objective: To understand the the perspective and objectives of health IT leaders across academia, government and industry in using open public, federally mandated APIs to promote innovation at healthare system scale.


Kenneth Mandl (Presenter)
Boston Children's Hospital

Aashima Gupta (Presenter)
Google Cloud

Joshua Mandel (Presenter)
Microsoft Healthcare

Matt Obenhaus (Presenter)
Cerner Corporation

Don Rucker (Presenter)
Department of Health and Human Services

Sumit Rana (Presenter)

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