Benign childhood epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes (BECTS), is one of the most common forms of focal childhood epilepsy. Despite its prevalence, it is often misdiagnosed or missed entirely. Our study suggests that although BECTS patients are most likely to seize at night, that significant differences can be detected as digital biomarkers even when awake. Moreover, our nonlinear signal analysis approach could enable routine clinical EEG measurements during awake interictal periods, to screen for BECTS.

Learning Objective:
- Learn to use nonlinear time series analysis methods to extract information from EEG
- Understand measurements that may enable screening for BECTS in awake patients.


Aarti Sathyanarayana (Presenter)
Harvard University

Rima El Atrache, Boston Children's Hospital
Michele Jackson, Boston Children's Hospital
Ivan Sanchez Fernandez, Boston Children's Hospital
Kenneth Mandl, Boston Children's Hospital
Tobias loddenkemper, Boston Children's Hospital
William Bosl, Boston Children's Hospital

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