Blood product ordering in pediatrics is a complex, high-risk task requiring providers to integrate patient, workflow, and technical factors to avoid severe medical errors. We used user-centered design principles including stakeholder review and formative usability testing to standardize blood product ordering across a large pediatric healthcare system. In summative usability testing, we demonstrated a 75% reduction in severe ordering errors with no change in ordering efficiency and a trend towards improved provider understanding of indications for blood processing requests.

Learning Objective: 1) Identify the differential influence of stakeholder review, formative usability testing, and summative usability testing on order set design.
2) Describe methods to evaluate and maximize the educational impact of clinical decision support.
3) Understand the costs and benefits of integrating usability testing into design of high-risk clinical decision support.


Evan Orenstein (Presenter)
Emory University

Jeanne Boudreaux, Emory University
margo rollins, Emory University
Jennifer Jones, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Christy Bryant, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Dean Karavite, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Naveen Muthu, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Jessica Hike, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Herb Williams, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Alexis Carter, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Cassandra Josephson, Emory University

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