Clinical decision support (CDS) has traditionally focused on supporting health care providers at the point of care. However, most decision-making that impacts individual health, particularly overall health and wellness, occurs outside of the clinical encounter. Preventive care recommendations, such as those provided by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), may be amenable to CDS targeted directly to patients, especially if implemented through innovative platforms that combine comprehensive patient-specific data, user-friendly interfaces that consumers have come to expect, and methods to communicate back to health care providers so as to remain connected with the clinical team. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and its partners, through a project called CDS Connect, developed interoperable, publicly-available CDS for preventive care based on USPSTF recommendations. Recommendations were transformed into HL7 Clinical Quality Language, used HL7 FHIR and HL7 CDS Hooks for data exchange, and were delivered to a patient-facing platform provided by b.well. To make the recommendations patient-specific, the CDS evaluated data from the patient’s electronic health record, insurance claims, and patient-generated sources. Consumers received reminders for preventive screenings tailored to their specific health history and could earn rewards by discussing screenings with their health care provider.

Learning Objective: By the end of this demonstration, attendees will be able to:
1. Access CDS Connect, including view and download the publicly-available, interoperable clinical decision support (CDS)
2. Describe how patient preferences can be combined with clinical and other data to inform CDS in a consumer-facing platform
3. Identify one approach toward integrating standards-based CDS into a commercial platform


Chris Moesel (Presenter)
The MITRE Corporation

Kristen Valdes, b.well Connected Health, Inc.
Ginny Meadows, The MITRE Corporation
Shafa Al-Showk, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Quyen Ngo-Metzger, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Sharon Sebastian, The MITRE Corporation
Edwin Lomotan, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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