Systematic reviews are time-consuming and often do not target the most relevant medical questions, leading to slow uptake of new trial results and many potentially redundant reviews. We developed the web-based platform trial2rev to connect published systematic reviews to emerging results in clinical trial registries, with the aim of supporting decisions around when a systematic review update should be undertaken. Major use cases include the proactive monitoring of emerging trial results to signal when a review update is warranted and using the database of systematic reviews linked to trial registrations to support evaluation of new methods for automatic screening of trials.

Learning Objective: After participating in this session, attendees should be able to:
1. Make use of the trial2rev system to monitor a systematic review for the accumulation of emerging trial results that might signal the need for an update.
2. Understand the functionality of the trial2rev database to support method development for the automated screening of trials for inclusion in systematic reviews.


Adam Dunn (Presenter)
Macquarie University

Paige Martin, Macquarie University
Florence Bourgeois, Boston Children's Hospital

Presentation Materials: