Reducing cancer-related morbidity and mortality requires greater access to data. But today this data is too often trapped in silos, strangled by regulatory and business concerns. Ciitizen believes patients can help solve cancer’s data problem. Leveraging the legal right of patients to access their health information under HIPAA and other privacy laws, Ciitizen is creating a cancer data ecosystem that is fully patient controlled (including with respect to de-identified data). Ciitizen’s platform (1) collects comprehensive health data from every place the patient has received care; (2) standardizes and normalizes that data into actionable information; and (3) enables patients to leverage their cancer information to pursue treatment options and to contribute to advancing cancer research.

Learning Objective: Learn about a new system, controlled by patients, for leveraging high quality cancer data to both improve individual cancer treatment outcomes and expand the information available for cancer research.


Anil Sethi (Presenter)
Ciitizen Corporation

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