The goal of IZ Gateway project is to simplify the process for a multistate provider organization to submit immunization information to the appropriate immunization information system (IIS) without requiring the provider organization to create individual point-to-point connections with each IIS in the regions they operate in. This will reduce the cost for multistate provider organizations to send immunizations to the appropriate IISs and will improve the completeness of information in IIS.

The project team conducted an environmental scan to inform the development of clear technical requirements necessary to support simplified provider reporting to immunization registries across jurisdictional boundaries (without the need to make multiple connections). Organizations such as large multistate public and private provider organizations, hospital groups, adult focused care groups, large and independent pharmacy chains, and other entities involved in sending and receiving immunization data across jurisdictional boundaries were interviewed to inform this project.

Learning Objective: Enrich your ability to form data exchange relationships with multi-state immunization providers by learning from the HHS IZ Gateway project. By the end of this panel presentation, participants will be able to
-describe the benefits of an Immunization Gateway service to providers, patients and public health,
-define the legal, policy and regulatory issues involved in developing a centralized hub to share data between multi-jurisdictional providers and IIS or among IIS,
-describe efforts that have informed the Immunization Gateway approach
-constructively critique immunization gateway service requirements based on present IIS capabilities,
-devise potential solutions to address legal, policy and regulatory barriers, and
-identify an action that they can take within 3 months to advance the gateway initiative
-leverage findings from the Immunization Gateway to apply lessons learned to other health data exchange initiatives.


David Lyalin (Presenter)

Jim Daniel (Presenter)

Denise Chrysler (Presenter)
Network for Public Health Law

Charlie Ishikawa (Presenter)
Kahuina Consulting, LLC

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