Workshop - Collaborative

W23: AMIA 2019 CMIO Workshop

8:00 AM–11:30 AM Nov 17, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Lincoln West


There are now 1,868 physicians board-certified in clinical informatics by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and American Board of Pathology. There are 26 Clinical Informatics Fellowship Programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.[1] There are also many non-board certified/eligible practitioners who need training in state-of-the-art applied clinical informatics. AMIA is uniquely suited to be the academic home for this community, because it provides a combination of personal experience and anecdote with firm grounding in evidence-based biomedical informatics literature, informatics theory, foundational knowledge, and proven best practices. A major part of that support is outreach to Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIOs) and those in similar roles (such as Medical Directors for Information Systems) who are charged with leading informatics change within their organizations, both large and small. More than 300 individuals have attended the CMIO workshop since 2011, some attending more than once, ranging from seasoned CMIOs of large systems to those who are just beginning their applied clinical informatics careers. During the 2017 CMIO workshop, we anonymously surveyed the 80+ participants. 91% responded that they desired to attend the workshop again, and the most requested topics were practical leadership skills and guidance on change management.
The 2019 CMIO Workshop will focus on leadership development, including didactic and small group exercises regarding the skills needed to be successful as an executive and potential career paths for those interested in becoming a CMIO or advancing once in that role. Additionally, we will focus on successful negotiation strategies, change management processes, and interactions with other C-suite and key stakeholders within a single hospital as well as for large health systems. We will then apply the leadership and change management skills to case-based discussion of current contentious yet practical topics for CMIOs including management of problem lists, how to implement open notes, and best practices regarding EHR documentation and scribes. Didactic presentations will be integrated with structured group discussions. Participants in the workshop will engage each other during the group discussions to practice the concepts and teachings from the didactic sessions. The CMIO workshop is a bridge between the more applied Clinical Informatics conference and the breadth of Fall Symposium offerings, with practical offerings participants can integrate into their daily workflow and help their organizations realize all the benefits of health IT.

[1] Clinical Informatics Fellowship Programs. Found at: https://dev.amia.org/membership/academic-forum/clinical-informatics-fellowships Accessed 12 March 2019.

Learning Objective: 1. List practical skills required to be a successful executive
2. Outline the components of successful change management
3. Formulate an approach for change management that results in successful adoption of new health information technology for both a single institution as well as a health care system
4. List evidence-based practices for problem list management and optimal EMR documentation
5. Understand evidence regarding implementation of open notes and potential barriers for implementation at your institution
6. Understand the career path and growth opportunities for Chief Medical Informatics Officers


Richard Schreiber (Presenter)
Geisinger Holy Spirit

Julie Hollberg (Presenter)
Emory University

Paul Fu (Presenter)
City of Hope

Nabile Safdar (Presenter)
Emory University

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