In a complex healthcare environment with a wide range of data resources, understanding how cross-organizational stakeholders can bring together and disseminate information that educates researchers about existing available data is essential to conducting research. This poster presents a real-world example of how cross-organizational stakeholders at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) worked together to provide researchers and operational VA data users with a central gateway to information about VA data.

Learning Objective: Our objective was to understand the problems that Researchers and operational data users face in finding, understanding, and using data and how a solution of consolidating data information can save immense time and frustration leaving Researchers more time to conduct research with better outcomes due to a better understanding of available data and its characteristics.


Tim Trautman (Presenter)
Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Jenifer Stelmack, VA Information Resource Center
Amy Caudill, Veterans Health Administration
James Peterson, Veterans Health Administration
Rebecca Gibbs, Veterans Health Administration
Maria Souden, VA Information Resource Center

Presentation Materials: