Infectious disease surveillance for public health is supported by the Minnesota Electronic Disease Surveillance System (MEDSS). Presently, most of infectious disease reporting occurs through non-electronic modes. MEDSS is exploring a multi-modal approach to move towards electronic exchange. Options include (1) participating in Digital Bridge initiative, (2) utilizing Minnesota-certified health information exchange, and (3) developing a short-term Minnesota-specific approach. Presently, reporting rules for first option are being authored and options 2 and 3 are being implemented.

Learning Objective: Understand approaches to electronic exchange of infectious case report data by a state public health agency.


Sripriya Rajamani (Presenter)
University of Minnesota

Ann Kayser, MN Dept of Health
Sarah Boneske, MN Dept of Health
Hanna Chakoian, MN Dept of Health
Emily Emerson, MN Dept of Health
Sarah Solarz, MN Dept of Health

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