Children’s National Health System set out a lofty goal aimed at improving the health of children in the region with five health conditions: Asthma, Cardiomyopathy, Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Sickle Cell Disease. Our workflow-integrated decision support tools guide our providers by alerting them to evidence-based improvement opportunities for children with these conditions. Children’s National annexed this work to a Corporate Goal. Results to date indicate significant improvement in health measures for 4 out of 5 of these conditions. We describe how EHR-derived data aggregation, data quality improvement, and workflow integration can effectively improve population health outcomes. Our learning objectives are identifying data integrity challenges and best practices to overcome these with successful outcomes; understanding the relationship for improving data quality, workflow integration and improvement in regional pediatric health for chronic conditions; and identifying provider engagement success factors in a population health initiative.

Learning Objective: Learn challenges in establishing Population Health Registries and clinical adoption of analytics and reporting for positive clinical outcomes.

Understand methodologies used to improve data quality to support clinical quality outcomes of population health.


Ranjodh Badh, Children's National Health System
Eduardo Romo (Presenter)
Children's National Health System

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