We present Ocelot: Overview of Clinical Elements and Observations Timeline. Ocelot provides a temporal summary view of a patient’s physiological and clinical data. The tool was created to allow clinicians to visually inspect the available data and obtain an holistic understanding of their patient’s clinical state in the context of the medications and fluids administered.

Learning Objective: The attendees will be able to identify what is needed for a data-source agnostic, real-time, interactive visual display of clinical elements relevant to patient state.


Gabriel Aldana, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Rohit Chaudhry, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Rimma Perotte (Presenter)
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Zachary Grinspan, Weill Cornell Medicine
Natalie Yip, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
David Vawdrey, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Presentation Materials: