Several nomenclatures and classification systems around the world are utilized to classify healthcare products and specifically, medical devices. Each nomenclature and classification is typically utilized by different types of professionals based on specific needs. An important difficulty resulting from these multiple nomenclatures and classifications is the inconsistency of the information that is ultimately captured. This difficulty creates substantial overhead not only for healthcare institutions but also for any medical device stakeholder. This paper provides inconsistencies across medical devices nomenclatures and insights on how to manage knowledge at scale.

Learning Objective: Review different medical devices nomenclature and classification systems, standardized information properties for cataloging devices and goals for a unified coding system.


Martin Schotel (Presenter)
Semedy, Inc.

Karen Bavuso, Semedy, Inc.
Melinda Wong, Semedy, Inc.
Saverio Maviglia, Semedy, Inc.
Roberto Rocha, Semedy, Inc.
Man Wai Chan, Semedy, Inc.

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