We created a Research Data Security Grid that guides investigatrs in protecting 4 different types of data across 10 steps in the data life cycle, including: data collection, transmission inside the institution, storage by the researcher, analysis, audit and accountability, transmission outside the institution, data storage and analysis at collaborating institutions, data destruction, and archiving final data and sharing with outside researchers or the public. The grid also contains a glossary of terms and contains footnotes to indicate site-specific considerations.

Learning Objective: Consider the full spectrum of data security risks that researchers face and what steps researchers need to take at each step in their work to mitigate those risks.


Douglas Bell (Presenter)

Spencer SooHoo, Cedars-Sinai
Ann Chang, UCLA
Alex Bui, UCLA
Marianne Zachariah, UCLA
Ross Fleischmann, UCLA
Omolola Ogunyemi, Charles R. Drew University
Robert Jenders, Charles R. Drew University

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