As clinical and quality drivers continue to increase the demand for patient-reported outcomes (PROs), health systems need guidance on how to best govern the ePRO build process to support diverse clinical and user needs. We leveraged SADT modeling to identify core functions, mechanisms, and constraints associated with ePRO use, and compared models across four diverse use cases for ePROs. Results generated an implementation planning checklist that better informs the design of future ePRO tools.

Learning Objective: 1) To identify core functions associated with ePRO use in clinical care, and recommended strategies to support successful planning for ePRO builds within electronic medical records.


Elizabeth Austin (Presenter)
University of Washington

Courtney Segal, University of Washington
Joesph Heim, University of Washington
Savitha Sangameswaran, University of Washington
Danielle Lavallee, University of Washington

Presentation Materials: