Our approach to informatics education is novel in that we take a system’s view (The Informatics Stack) in organizing the many perspectives, the many types of systems, and the many technologies involved in informatics. After the very first course, students are able to critique information system ecologies in a coherent and efficient way. The remainder of the curriculum builds on this foundation. By being part of a large university, we have a diverse student body: clinicians, IT professionals, managers, business practitioners, etc. Students learn from each other in small-group projects that are part of each required informatics course. The students, in addition, can take online courses from throughout the university and the Applied Physics Lab. While there are requirements aimed at making the informatics graduate functional upon graduation, the curriculum is tailored to each student. The online curriculum can be completed in 3 years. The entire time, the student remains a member of the DHSI family, participating in weekly seminars and Grand Rounds. Students in the Baltimore area are invited to take face-to-face courses and to join the seminars in person. The Capstone project—the equivalent of 8 weeks’ full-time work—is done in conjunction with Hopkins preceptor’s projects and DHSI academic supervision.