This panel brings together informatics experts in key domains necessary to leverage current and future technologies to efficiently translate evidence into action by making evidence and clinical practice guidelines computable and represented in a standard, interoperable format. There is a recognized lag of about 17 years in the translation of evidence to practice. The Internet, new data sources (such as ‘omics profiles and home sensor data), and new methods (such as causal inference and predictive analytics), and sources of evidence (such as ‘real-world evidence’) will lead to ever faster and broader evidence generation. Computable clinical guidelines, even when they exist, have been difficult to integrate into care processes due to a lack of pragmatism and patient-centeredness, among other factors. The panel will address challenges of guideline creation and adoption in the digital age, and the extent to which the availability of data and ways of acquiring and delivering knowledge provide new opportunities for integration and use of best-practice knowledge. The panel will discuss innovation in FHIR to transfer information regarding evidence (EBMonFHIR), clinical practice guidelines (CPGonFHIR), various types of computable knowledge and standards for biomedical knowledge (the Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) initiative), and redesigned processes for clinical practice guidelines.

Learning Objective: After participating in this session, the learner should be able to:
Describe current progress in Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) design and formalization to support computability
Describe methods for generation of clinical decision support knowledge
Explain alternative approaches to delivering knowledge at the point of care
Describe efforts underway and approaches to sharing of best-practice knowledge
Explain how biomedical evidence (research findings) can be expressed in a computable form


Lisa Schilling (Presenter)
U fo Colorado School of Medicine

Robert Greenes (Presenter)
Arizona State University

Brian Alper (Presenter)

Bryn Rhodes (Presenter)
Dynamic Content Group, LLC

Maria Michaels (Presenter)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Presentation Materials: