In addition to lengthy EHR builds and implementations, hospital systems undergo multiple planned and unplanned downtimes that can cause a multitude of patient safety issues due to the lack of access to patient information vital to providing high quality care. We created a web-based tool used for rounding and team-based task management that provides a mobile view of EHR data, and provides a collaborative platform for care planning. Though the initial purpose of this tool wasn’t dedicated towards solving the issue of data availability during downtime, we found that usage of our tool during the downtime increased and assisted users with their workflow, combating the otherwise decrease in productivity & increase in patient risk.

Learning Objective: Recognize the risks to patient safety when data is unavailable due to EHR downtimes.
Learn strategies to mitigate risk during downtime utilizing integrated digital tools
Understand the role mobile applications play in both efficiency and patient safety during EHR downtime


Patrick Van Nieuwenhuizen, Perelman School of Medicine
Jacqueline Soegaard Ballester, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Priya Joshi, VAMC
Subha Airan-Javia (Presenter)
Perelman School of Medicine

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