Chief Data Officer
Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative

Chief Data Officer at QuantumLeap Healthcare Collaborative
Technology executive with strong technical analysis abilities, experienced in program/project leadership and a track record of delivering innovative bioinformatics solutions for biomarker discovery and clinical trial analysis. Well-versed in innovative analyses of high dimensional data from next generation sequencing and cell surface immunophenotyping assays, particularly in the context of other associated clinical data. Primary architect and visionary for ITN TrialShare, an award winning clinical trials research data repository and web portal promoting analysis transparency and collaboration through public access to data and analysis code. Capable and confident team leader. - Oversaw the vision, execution and deployment of the award-winning clinical trial data repository and analysis platform, ITN TrialShare (ITNTrialShare.org). The open source web application integrates clinical data, laboratory data, research assay data and clinical specimen management information, into an integrated platform for reporting, analysis and visualization. TrialShare is now the default data management and analysis platform for ITN’s 37 clinical trials; - Teamed with editors of the New England Journal of Medicine to publish the first interactive peer-reviewed manuscript, featuring dynamic figures that allow readers to explore the underlying data and analyses in real time. NEJM heralded the manuscript as a major advance in clinical trial transparency; - Co-inventor and developer of a 3-gene biomarker and statistical algorithm to identify kidney transplant recipients with a high likelihood of successful immunosuppression tapering and withdrawal; - Assembled and led an award winning team that addresses all aspects of biostatistics, bioinformatics, and data management, receiving the Partners in Excellence Team award for Technological Innovation and Community Outreach in 2015.