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Vice President of Public Policy

Vice President of Public Policy at AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association)
I am an ongoing student of healthcare and information technology policy. I focus on an emerging field of public policy called health informatics policy, which seeks to optimize the meaning of data to enable better research, deliver better care, and inform better public health decisions. I have participated in numerous briefings, online and in-person; compiled public responses to proposed regulations; co-authored position papers on health IT policy; written academic studies on health information exchange sustainability, consent policy and the opportunity to test healthcare delivery models through unique public financing mechanisms; presented on topics ranging from meaningful use to hotel occupancy taxes; and participated in workgroups spanning health information exchange, patient data matching and clinical quality measurement. I am also interested in how governments can utilize data-driven policy, increase civic engagement and streamline business processes to make themselves better. I am fascinated by the opportunities inherent in open source tools, open data strategies and online community building to help all levels of government be smarter. Specialties: health informatics policy, technology and innovation policy, public sector finance and budgeting, open data and data-driven policy

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