EHRs can improve safety via decision support-enabled CPOE, to catch adverse drug events (ADEs) before they reach the patient. A national sample of 1,527 hospitals from 2009-2016 took a safety performance assessment using simulated medication orders. The average EHR identified 54.0% of potential ADEs in 2009, rising to 61.6% in 2016. Hospitals which took the assessment multiple times performed better in subsequent years. The details of implementation and use of CPOE plays a key role in performance.

Learning Objective: Understand the current state of decision-support enabled computerized provider order entry system performance for the purposes preventing medication errors in a national sample of US hospitals, including an exploration of hospital characteristics associated with higher CPOE safety performance.


A Jay Holmgren (Presenter)
Harvard University

Zoe Co, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Lisa Newmark, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Melissa Danforth, The Leapfrog Group
David Classen, University of Utah Health Science Center
David Bates, Brigham & Women's Hospital

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