Health care providers have shown interest in the use of mobile health (mHealth) data for expanded monitoring of patient conditions and beneficial activities, such as physical exercise. Generated in large amounts and in vendor-specific formats, mHealth data do not need to be stored in the electronic health record (EHR), but need to be made accessible to health care providers within their workflow, for example via SMART-on-FHIR. In this workshop, we will introduce two standards, Open mHealth (OmH) for mHealth data and HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for EHR data, and describe their bridging via a use-case-driven reference application that enables the incorporation of mHealth data from a diverse set of personal devices into EHRs at the point of care.

Learning Objective: After participating in this workshop, attendees should be better able to understand the complementarity of Open mHealth and FHIR standards, and the benefits of, and requirements for, accessing mHealth data within the EHR, and how to develop applications that retrieve mHealth data from a diverse set of personal devices and visualize or otherwise utilize these data in a FHIR-based SMART-on-FHIR application that can be accessed as part of the EHR workflow.
Workshop attendees should also gain an understanding of how to contribute to the ongoing efforts of standardizing mHealth data and metadata and of mapping such data to FHIR resources.


Ida Sim (Presenter)
University of California

Jon Duke (Presenter)
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Eric Haas (Presenter)
Health eData, Inc

Eric Soto (Presenter)
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Simona Carini, University of California

Presentation Materials: