Due to a lack of standardization of sensitive data, medical organizations independently define information that requires heightened protection, resulting in varying lists of sensitive data, leaving patients vulnerable to breaches of privacy. We have created a working group to develop consensus around privacy protections at the data element level. Using sensitive data lists and use-cases we hope to advance this conversation so patients can benefit from the exchange of information with appropriate protection of privacy.

Learning Objective: 1) Evaluate how sensitive data elements are variably identified and protected in current EHR systems; 2) Appreciate the privacy risks of varying lists of sensitive data elements, particularly for vulnerable patient populations; and 3) Understand our working group's efforts to create and use a standardized list of sensitive data elements and use cases to advance this conversation.


Marianne Sharko (Presenter)
Weill Cornell Medical College

Hannah Galvin, Lahey Health
Susan Kressley, Kressly Pediatrics
Joseph Schneider, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Fabienne Bourgeois, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital
Feliciano Yu, Arkansas Children's Hospital
Matthew Hong, Georgia Institute of Technology
Lauren Wilcox, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jessica Ancker, Weill Cornell Medical College

Presentation Materials: