An eye-catching statistic is that “300 to 400 U.S. physicians die by suicide annually.” However, the data and methods supporting this claim are unclear. Valid citation of scientific evidence is important to mitigate the propagation of misleading claims. We constructed a claim-specific citation network focusing on one claim about physician suicides. Tracing this claim's lineage manually in 23 published articles in peer-reviewed journals reveals gaps. Claims about physician suicide should be substantiated by cited evidence.

Learning Objective: (1) To learn how citation network analyses can provide important insights about the landscape of physician suicide research.
(2) To trace the claim lineage of an oft-cited claim about physician suicide incidence using a claim network.


Tiffany Leung (Presenter)
Maastricht University

Sima Pendharkar, The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Chwen-Yuen Angie Chen, Stanford University
Michel Dumontier, Institute of Data Science

Presentation Materials: