New features of classification types (CTs) are added to the SPECIALIST Lexicon to improve its usage. First, the archaic CT indicates terms are no longer in common use, e.g. benight. Second, the source CT indicates the originated foreign language or dialect of the term, e.g., leukaemia is originated from British English. Third, the informal CT indicates terms are used primary in colloquial contexts. Their formal synonyms are cross-referenced in the Lexicon, e.g. grandpa for grandfather.

Learning Objective: Learning new enhanced features of classification type in the SPECIALIST Lexicon.
Learning the benefit of applying classification types in the SPECIALIST Lexicon in NLP applications.


Chris Lu (Presenter)

Amanda Payne, NIH/NLM/LHNCBC
Dina Demner-Fushman, NIH/NLM/LHNCBC

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