Advances in the understanding of oral and systemic connections and a paradigm shift in delivering patient-centered care has created a demand for incorporating principles of interprofessional education and healthcare delivery. Historically, dentistry and medicine have evolved as separate domains, and this has influenced education and healthcare delivery. Lack of interprofessional training during professional school critically influences practice patterns of dental and medical providers. Interprofessional health information exchange and integrated medical-dental electronic health records are critically vital to integrated care delivery. The lack has raised challenges as well as opportunities for establishing informatics infrastructure to support interdisciplinary care delivery in the context of oral-systemic health conditions. The purpose of this panel is to provide considerations for the establishment of informatics infrastructure and required training of the integrated care delivery team. Our goal is to achieve a roadmap for alignment of informatics and interprofessional efforts to maximize the broad positive impact on continuity of care.

Learning Objective: Identify how to capitalize on the opportunities for developing an integrated medical-dental curriculum that will support interprofessional healthcare delivery.
Understand and recognize the potential application of an integrated medical-dental EHR platform in solving several medical-dental delivery system challenges and further identifying translational areas for establishing integrated models of care.
Learn the potential of utilizing regional health information exchange to enhance continuity of care across dental and medical care settings.


Alexander Alekseyenko (Presenter)
Medical University of South Carolina

Chad Novince (Presenter)
Medical University of South Carolina

Amit Acharya (Presenter)
Marshfield Clinic Research Institute

Muhammad Walji (Presenter)
University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Thankam Thyvalikakath (Presenter)
Indiana University School of Dentistry/Regenstrief Institute

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