Linking health-related data across private- and public-sector repositories is uncommon but potentially valuable. The Regenstrief Institute and the State of Indiana’s Management Performance Hub (MPH) conducted a data-linkage pilot to support a state-wide initiative to combat the opioid epidemic. We linked emergency department data from a state-wide health information exchange with emergency medical service (EMS) run data at the person-level, in a federated manner. This novel approach, our experience, and future directions will be described.

Learning Objective: The learning objective of this pilot is to better understand how data derived from a clinical setting can be integrated with data from a state agency, in an de-identified fashion, to support research efforts aimed at combating the opioid epidemic.


Daniel Hood, Regenstrief Institute
Shaun Grannis (Presenter)
Regenstrief Institute

Peter Embi, Regenstrief Institute
Josh Martin, Indiana Management Performance Hub
Darshan Shah, Indiana Management Performance Hub
John Roach, KSM Consulting
Katie Allen, Regenstrief Institute

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