Health AI
Bayesian Health

Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh, PhD, FAMIA

I am currently working on advancing scientific discovery and precision wellness application based on individual biology. I also serve as the Chair of AMIA Consumer and Pervasive Health Informatics Workgroup.  

Prior to Viome, I served as the Research Staff Member and the Health Informatics PIC Chair at IBM Research, leading the development of evidence-based wellness and personalized service design for consumer health informatics in the Computational Behavior and Decision science Group.

Before working for the healthcare software vertical, I worked on natural language processing-related applications such as social media trend analysis and meeting video summarization. My professional goal is to bring my business acumen and years of analytics training on the table to help translate real-world industry problems into actionable insights that are embedded into existing workflows. I am also interested in developing intelligent adaptive interfaces, which can curate exogenous data sources and digest patient-generated data from wearables and novel biodevices and sensors.

My background and experience enable me to consult, publish and patent avidly in the areas of health informatics and AI in healthcare and medicine. I hold 30+ patents (US, non-US) and 50+ publications, including the AMIA Distinguished Award Paper. and had been selected as European Google Anita Borg Scholar and the Class 2020 Fellow of AMIA (FAMIA).